Healing with Mud

The thermal mud therapy is a practice which consists in applying thermal mud, at a temperature of about 52 ° C on the patient’s body surface in areas more or less extensive depending on the case.

The beneficial effects of mud are now recognized: they are excellent anti-inflammatory, analgesic, and decontracting, useful in arthrosis and fibromyalgic throughout the musculoskeletal system.
The mud used, is a mixture resulting from the slow mixture of solid elements with water: thermal mud, a mixture of clay and Miramare thermal water aged for at least six months.

Together with the classic thermal mud it’s also possible to perform other types of wrap treatments, gray and green cataplasms, depending on the most represented type of element. They are composed of lithotamnion and Fucus in the first case and in the second of Fucus and Laminaria. These elements should be added to the clay while the liquid component is the sea water.

The green cataplasms are used for aesthetic purposes and vascular treatments, the gray ones have similar indications to those of thermal muds.
To complete the muds family, there is the aesthetic slimming mud used exclusively in the Wellness Centre of Rimini Terme for aesthetic and relaxing purposes.

After the application of the mud or cataplasm, it is recommend a session of balneotherapy with or without hydro-massage jets. The complete therapy lasts twelve days.

Thermal Mud-Balneotherapy Treatments Price List

  Treatments Single Treatment Subscription
6 Treatments
12 Treatments
 Blowers Integration € 7,00 € 39,90 € 75,60
Articular Mud €14,00 € 79,80 € 151,20
Thermal Mud € 22,00 € 125,40 € 237,60